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Results of testing of build 56321


I think that sqlmonitoring is an awesome project!
I have installed the latest code release b56321 and have found some problems. The details are in the attachment.
I appreciate your work very much!

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rhartskeerl wrote Sep 18, 2009 at 4:44 PM

In response to your testing:
  1. The reference to dbo.AddAlert is a typo. The initial idea was to implement a stored procedure for inserting a single alert instead of a number of alerts en thus create a second procedure. The line in the code should read dbo.AddAlerts. I will check in a version later this day with the correct line. Another workaround is to script out the AddAlerts stored procedure and name it AddAlert.
  2. It looks like some default data is missing in het dbo.AlertRules and dbo.AlertMessages tables. These tables contain a mapping between a EntityGroup (which is a meaurable item) and a threshold (dbo.AlertRules). This will create a message (dbo.AlertMessages) in the dbo.Alerts table. You can check if the default rules are available. The guids in your document should be present in the references tables. The default values are in the initialization script.
  3. Stupid mistake. I saw it in the UpdateMonitoring proc. It doesn't need to be in there. This will be fixed in the next release. For now you can alter the storedprocedure.
  4. I have to look into this one. Not sure where this happens exactly.

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