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Sql Monitoring FAQ
This page answers the most common questions.
  • How do I get back the default sorting on the Alerts pages?
    • Because the default view of the alert grid is sorted on multiple columns you cannot get the sorting back by clicking the headers. To get the default sorting back you must refresh the grid. Right click the mouse and choose Refresh in the context menu.
  • How can I view alerts assigned to other users than me?
    • At this moment you cannot do this in the application. This feature is planned for a future release. You can however perform a query against the database to review these alerts. Open a new query window in SSMS and type in: exec Client.GetAlerts '{_some username_}'. This will list the alerts currently assigned to that specific user.
  • How can I change the threshold for the alerts?
    • You can change these within the client. But only for current alerts. In future versions it will be possible to change the thresholds from a seperate list. If an alert is shown you can select Edit on the right of the screen. Fill in the right thresholds for your needs and click save. The values will be updated to the monitored computers every 15 minutes.

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